Batch FTP client
Batch FTP client


Program features
  • file transfer process automation,
  • file transfer using the FTP and SFTP protocols,
  • file transfer by means of a safe, encrypted SFTP protocol:
  • authentication methods: by password, keyboard-interactive, a public key (from a file, a certificate, stored on the PKCS#11 standard device), X.509 standard certificate, NTLM, Kerberos,
  • determining accessibility and priorities of the authentication methods (Fallback),
  • possibility to select acceptable cipher and hash algorithms
  • support for access chip cards, usb tokens and other cryptographic devices meeting the PKCS#11 standard,
  • join configuration with the window-based CryptoFTP client,
  • connections to different servers in one script support,
  • displaying information on the operation progress,
  • logging the operations in progress,

  • Description
    The CryptoFTPBatch allows to automate the process to download and transfer files using the FTP protocol and by means of a safe, encrypted SFTP protocol.
    For work it needs to specify, as a run parameter, a script – a text file containing the consecutive FTP protocol commands. The program allows to support logging to different file servers in one script. It is possible to display the details of the operations being executed or only a progress bar.
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