All the information regarding the licensing is contained in the License Agreement, the content of which is displayed when installing the CryptoTerm program. Before installing the CryptoTerm program you should get familiar with the License Agreement and accept it.

The CryptoTerm is available in one and the same version of binaries for all the installation types. None of the version is functionally limited. The only difference is that the product installed as shareware displays a window informing how long you are allowed to use it legally.

1) For home

For home use – it is free!

You may install and use the CryptoTerm on your home computer exclusively for your private, non-commercial use.

A home computer is a computer which is your and only your property, it is not a component of the assets of any enterprise nor it is used for the needs of any enterprise.

2) Commercial Use

You may use it free of charge on any number of workstations, for the period of 30 days.

If you want to install the CryptoTerm, to try it on the company’s computers or for commercial purposes, you may install it in the shareware mode. After installing the program, you may use it for 30 days on any number of workstations.

In order to be able to use the program after the 30-day period, you should buy a license for use. Otherwise, you should uninstall the program.


This page is published only and exclusively in order to explain the methods to license the CryptoTerm program, it is not legally binding. The only binding provisions are stipulated in the License Agreement.


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