Last changes

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.4 of 2010-12-03:

Terminal Emulator:

  • Added the text session logging functionality.
    Incoming data from a remote system can be written without the control characters of individual programs (e.g. no information is written like an inscription - More - that appears at the bottom of the screen).
  • Added support for OpenSC library.
    OpenSC is open source library that allows using PKCS#11 devices.
  • Added the ability to perform the Cut operation on the selected text in the emulation tn3270.
    Selected text is copied to the clipboard and removed from the editable fields.
  • Fixed DECUDK order allowing remote modification of the sequence sent by the function keys.
  • Extend the functionality of maintaining the connection (keepalive).
    Added an option that allows sending any sequence of characters.

FTP Client:

  • Modernization of the auto-logon.
    Handling the case where the Password field is not filled. In previous versions, sending the password was omitted.
  • Added support for OpenSC library.
    OpenSC is open source library that allows using PKCS#11 devices.
  • Added new commands in a batch FTP client.
    mputdelete - after the standard mput command, source files (from the local system) are removed.
    putdelete - after the command put a standard source file (from the local system) is removed.
    mgetdelete - after the standard mget command, source files (from a remote system) are removed.
    getdelete - after the standard command get, the source file (from a remote system) is removed.
    delete file_name - command deletes a file named file_name.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.3 of 2010-05-20:

  • Added German language translation.
  • Extending the functionality of connections made using RS232 serial ports:
    • Supports serial devices numbered 1-16 instead of 1-4.
    • Increases the list of possible transmission speed.
  • Corrected drawing boxes on the UTF-8 code page for Wyse60 emulation.
  • For some languages fixed selection of http links on the screen.
  • Fixed problem with cursor behavior while inserting new line in vi editor, for xterm and VT family emulations.
  • Left Alt + Space key combination opens the system menu for CryptoTerm window.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.2 of 2010-01-05:

  • Compatible with Windows 7.
  • Added 256-color support for xterm emulation.
  • Extended Print Screen functionality.
    • During the Print operation the contents of the boxes: Send before printing and Run after printing can be used. These options can be used to transmit control codes, or add your own header print.
    • Added option: Print terminal status line.
  • Improving the security of configuration.
    • Added Lock saving configuration files option. Configuration files can be read-only.
    • Added Disable local menu option. The local popup menu will not appear when clicking the right mouse button.
  • Extending the functionality of the Toolbar.
    • Added new Toolbar buttons: Profiles (displays a list of configured connections) and Print Screen (prints the content of the screen).
    • Ability to configure Toolbar buttons visibility.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.12 of 2009-09-03:

Terminal Emulator:

  • Expanded Screen Printing (the PrtScr key):
    • Added ability to send the content of any file to the printer before printing,
    • Added possibility to run any program after the end of printing.

FTP Client:

  • Fixed transfer of large files in text mode for the sftp protocol.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.11 of 2009-07-21:

Terminal Emulator:

  • Fixed problem with displaying US standard (101 keys) keyboard in mapping module.
  • Added ability to choose color for displayed URL links.

FTP Client:

  • Fixed displaying localized, international texts in the Message Window.

Featured in CryptoTerm 1.1 of 2009-05-21:

  • Added support for keeping session active (keepalive) - telnet, ssl/tls and ssh protocols.
  • Added support for coloring fields in Background mode (wyse emulation).
  • Ability to set a custom size of the screen defined by the user.
  • Added support for passing parameter to macro stored in vbs format. The parameter is a session name in which context the script is to be run.
  • Passing the parameter with actual session name to vbs macro executed from CryptoTerm terminal emulator.
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